Self Defense By using a Pepper Spray

Certain situations or locations pose a threat to a woman’s safety and security. If you are on it’s own under such circumstances and still have no immediate help currently happening, then self defense products like a pepper spray may save your valuable life.

So, what are usually pepper sprays? A substance called oleoresin capsicum will be extracted from chilli peppers and is also injected into a canister of pepper spray. The oleoresin capsicum could be the chemical that adds the particular ‘hot’ flavour to chilli peppers. When this chemical is dispersed available as aerosol droplets on this eyes and face on the attacker, it causes intense pain and suffering towards attacker for short term which allows you enough time to escape from the hands on the attacker. The pepper spray causes tears from the eyes and eyes appear bloodshot on account of swelling of the vision capillaries. The respiratory system has immediate inflammation of the respiratory tract, coughing, sneezing and gasping pertaining to breath. The skin exposed for the spray will also have an intense burning sensation as well as the attacker may be unable to keep balance as vision is restricted. However, the pepper spray symptoms will simply be temporary allowing you recently enough time to escape from his clutches.

After purchasing a pepper spray it is significant to ensure it is a workable condition after every 3 months. Go to a protected place or open ground without one around and stand upwind from the direction in which you are spraying. Press the nozzle along with spray. This will keep you updated on the working condition of this pepper spray. Also remember when you are trying, you are losing a great amount of the spray volume. In no way use pepper sprays following their expiry date. Remember that the potency in the spray decreases with period. Also, not all sprays have the same capacity. Pepper sprays with a new oleoresin capsicum percentage value of 2-10% is the better and most effective. Increasing the percentage won’t always mean a greater efficiency of spray as the spray should be dilute enough to distributed properly.

Pepper sprays are usually excellent personal security products. However, before purchasing a new spray, read the legal conditions and terms of purchase. Some legislation restrict the size and strength of pepper sprays. In addition to pepper sprays, another item of effective self defense would be the shooting stun gun. These stun guns deliver a substantial yet non-lethal electric shock for the attacker when charged which tends to stun the attacker for a few minutes, allowing the victim time and energy to escape the spot. Taser guns are one of the best stunning guns available out there today. One thing important to remember about using these personal safety devices like pepper spray and stun guns is that they must be used swiftly yet carefully to guarantee the attacker is taken by surprise and struggles to react before you offer your defence tactic. Additionally, do not use the unit on an innocent person by mistake. Use them only travellers have the a serious threat on your security. Surveillance Equipment should also be there for security reasons.


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